Our Story
The tools, techniques and practices presented here are the result of decades of multi- disciplinary research in the knowledge sciences. Our work began in the 1980s at the University of Texas at Arlington and The George Washington University.  It expanded in the 1990s and beyond to include Georgetown University and private research institutions such as the Behavioral Computational Neuropsychology (BCN) Group and particularly the Mountain Quest Institute, whose body of research we still draw heavily from today. More recently, through the dedicated efforts of the researchers and practitioners at Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc. and the Second School Network, our field work has extended into classrooms and workplaces in various industries across the globe.   The US Army and US Air Force Research Laboratories, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and many other organizations and individuals too numerous to mention collaborated in sponsoring and producing this body of knowledge.  The Resources page provides a sampling of foundational publications and other references. Much of our work is grounded in mathematics, spanning the full spectrum of theory to laboratory development to application in the classroom and workplace.  Its impact has been felt across a wide range of subjects and disciplines spanning all aspects of life. This very much remains a work in progress, in harmony with our central theme of continuous self-renewal through a lifetime of self-discovery. We invite you to peel back the curtain and take a look inside.  Try the exercises, if only for fun.  Feel free to proceed at your own pace. Finally, we hope you’ll keep up-to-date and join the discussions on our blog.  We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms.
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