Flipping the classroom – but not in the usual way

Whoever heard of taking a class where they don’t give you the answers to the questions? And the final exam doesn’t even have any questions?

No, we’re not talking about some far-out school of thought that claims there are no right or wrong answers.  Be assured, for many types of problems, there are right answers and there are wrong answers.  The difference is, we believe you learn a lot more if you are allowed to figure them out for yourself.

But how will you know if you have the right answer?

You’ll know. And you’ll have more confidence than ever in your answer because you’ll have opened your mind to your innate (and often suppressed) ability to reason, which is inherent in all human beings.

You may be confused by what you see happening in the world.  Who isn’t?  The problem is, the world has become so complex that sometimes when you encounter a new problem, you can’t just look it up.  But you can be the person who comes up with a solution.  And no robot or search engine will ever be able to do that.

This is how to succeed in the 21st century. This is how you will get ten times, even a hundred times more out of your education than most.

Stick with us – it’s going to be an amazing journey!